“What sets Virtual Productions apart is our personal standards in creating high-quality and professional, broadcast worthy productions. Our wide array of experiences in the fast-paced and exciting world of live-event entertainment gives us the leg up on the competition and will leave your customers, staff, or audience thoroughly entertained, informed, and wanting more.

Virtual Productions at its core is a multimedia production company. We are creative and thorough thinkers with more than a decade of experience producing both live, in-arena events, and national broadcasts. We created this company to bring that kind of experience and collaboration to you and your business. Whether you need to promote yourself, expand your outreach, teach and inform, or digitally hold a large corporate event once housed in a wildly expensive and crowded convention center, Virtual Productions has all the tools, skills, and expertise you need to change with today’s new demands.

At Virtual Productions our mission is to bring people together for a virtual VIP experience to enrich platforms and empower businesses through collaboration and professionalism. Contact us today and let the Virtual Productions crew get started on your very own live-stream, personalized with your company’s logos and branded just the way you want it. We can’t wait to get started!” – VP Co-Founders